My Heartbreak left a traumatic Soul Tie Where I had to look deep in the eyes of the mirror to reaffirm that I’m Special And I found myself Cold In Vegas looking for Lust & Love Only to find that pain comes in many forms Healing requires rebirthing yourself as a phoenix burns into a transition And I am drawn to the flame as a Moth to the light That I may shine brighter than I ever have before • TONY 7 The Project Matters Of the Heart was created in between 2021 and 2022 by TONY 7 and The Late Producer IAN HAKIM. M.O.T.H. was recorded primarily at Grind Haus Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cold in Vegas was recorded at Junxion Sound Recording Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada. It Features “She Badd” Artist ALIEN 704 and vocals from PRINCESS TG. MIXEDBYABE is the mixing Engineer for “Soul Tie”, “I’m Special”, and “Lust & Love” The Mixing Engineer for “Cold in Vegas” is ANGEL TFC. Mastering Engineer for all songs is Jason Jet. The Cover art was created By Cheritou. Creative direction orchestrated by 7IFE LLC.