The Family Tree has branches that reach into the Heavens
And roots beyond the depths of the Oceans
Of which we know not how divine we were or miraculous we are to be
Here we search the land of the living to identify the fruits of our kindred
That we may grow more abundantly in love and health
Let our hearts be joined together in the Spirit of God
That the body of Christ hath no judgment from the Head or Toe
healing the wounds of the flesh with the histories of our traumas and their overcoming
For surely we have survived unto this very day
That we stand to represent the survivors of our ancestors
So May our descendants exist in the furthest extent of the future
As a lineage that will not be cut short from the face of the Earth or the World to come


TONY 7 is an Artist Entrepreneur from The Northside of Charlotte, NC and creator of 7IFE LLC. He began with poetry as a youth and grew into song writing as a teenager. After completing High school at Harding University High School he Graduated from Winston-Salem State University and Ashford University. TONY 7 has a degree in Political Science, Minor in Music, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Musically TONY 7 is known for his lyricism, creativity, and versatility; blending his love for artistic talent with his passion for community & networking.


Nights in a saint-less city Where I found my innocence in temptation
And the hypnosis of the lights blinded the feeble
Within colorful rays alluring attractions and the prize of unfulfilled desires
The discretion of men and women lay waist to primal urges
And the comfort of understanding reserves my judgement transforming worry into joy
Even in frigid darkness the beauty of the electric flames burn in the streets
Igniting wonder and amazement in a desert of thirst and dry air
In the morning the Sun will beam brighter than the laser shows
Revealing all that the sands cannot hide
And the secrets of the oasis will dwell in the hearts and minds of the keepers
Vegas is cold in Winter like a Woman’s wounded heart
And her hospitality is the charm of warm Nevada Souls ~ TONY 7


TONY 7 is the Artist identity standing for TONY G. G being the 7th letter of the alphabet. The acronym stands for “The Only Nigga(Negüs) You Got. (Negüs meaning King in the Ethiopian Language of Ge’ez). The logo is a future trademark of 7IFE LLC created by Digital Real Estate Agent TheOneRashawn.