TONY 7 is an Artist Entrepreneur from The Northside of Charlotte, NC and creator of 7IFE LLC. He began with poetry as a youth and grew into song writing as a teenager. After completing High school at Harding University High School he Graduated from Winston-Salem State University and Ashford University. TONY 7 has a degree in Political Science, Minor in Music, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Musically TONY 7 is known for his lyricism, creativity, and versatility; blending his love for artistic talent with his passion for community & networking.


TONY 7 is the Artist identity standing for TONY G. G being the 7th letter of the alphabet. The acronym stands for “The Only Nigga(Negüs) You Got. (Negüs meaning King in the Ethiopian Language of Ge’ez). The logo is a future trademark of 7IFE LLC created by Digital Real Estate Agent TheOneRashawn.